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Chief Instructor

"Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can?" - Sun Tzu
William E. Sadler
Chief Instructor
Principal Consultant

Concealed Carry
Hello, All;

Well, if you've gotten this far, you are already familiar with my writing, most of the content and all of the errors on this site are mine.

The high level overview: I'm a mathematician currently working in Artificial Intelligence. Since the late 70's I have done software consulting in the field of numerical analysis and mathematical optimization. In January of 2011 I formed a company "FnnTEK" to bring a radically new Artificial Intelligence product to market. That's the academic and professional side. Then there is the 'everything else' side. That side includes Flying, SCUBA, Photography, and Shooting. I've taught all of these as adult education courses (except for flying) as well as having taught mathematics at the high school, undergraduate and graduate levels. I used to compete in shooting, have been a National Geographic published photographer, and a deep mixed-gas underwater cave diver. Those are the spare time activities.

I have always had the philosophy that anything you do, you should do well, and that specialization is for ants! Accordingly, over the course of my life, I have tried to never turn away from any learning or challenge. I also believe that you haven’t really learned something until you’ve tried to teach it to someone else - this in part is why I teach. The other reason is the satisfaction. There are few things that feel as good as teaching a subject to someone who wants to learn it. That is why teaching Photography, SCUBA and Firearms was / is more fun than teaching Mathematics. In Math, the students were mostly there because they had to be, those other subjects, the students were there because they wanted to be. Attitude makes all the difference!

My emphasis has recently changed from other types of instruction to teaching Firearms and Preparedness. The reason is simple, look around you and you can probably divine most of them. The systems I choose to teach (RED-Prep, CFS, etc.) has to do with the integrity and consistency of the training systems. You might guess from my background that I am logical and methodical, I LIKE the scientific method, its the best tool humans have found for critical inquiry into any subject matter. Yet, so many systems, even if originally developed that way, systems of thought devolve into dogmatic systems that are stuck in tradition of the founders and cannot change. My mind, whether working in Math, Computer Science, SCUBA Instruction, Preparedness or Firearms Instruction, has always sought logical reasons for the rule set being taught, based on as hard a science as you can find and systemic internal consistency without formal contradictions. Any system that meets that criteria and stays sufficiently flexible as to maintain that standard is a rare animal indeed.

This integrity and consistency is why I have been so strongly attracted to the body of knowledge assembled by Rob Pincus under his Combat Focus® Shooting system in conjunction with the training techniques exemplified by I.C.E. Training. I.C.E. stands for "Integrity", "Consistency", "Efficiency" - the idea being that you maintain those basic principles in all endeavors within the training system. (Not bad rules for life, either) The system is based upon physics, physiology, cognitive neuroscience, and relevant empirical evidence within the context of civilian involved shooting incidents. It also has strong evidence of changing when the data requires it to change - not driven by the winds of the current fad or held static by a great ponderous body of tradition. So the emphasis of this site is undergoing change - we're de-emphasizing the target type courses we teach under the NRA banner and replacing them with courses that are more defensive oriented. We have added regulatory compliance courses (Utah CCW) so that people can legally carry in the most states possible. Change is nature, you need to adapt to reality, not hope that reality will conform to your dogma.

Here's my droll list of qualifications for teaching, firearms experience, and other related items:

Certified Credentials
  • RED-Prep Instructor #  I10001 in the following Knowledge Areas:
    • Planning and Logistics
    • Training
    • Communications
    • Armed Defense
    • Intelligence
    • Organization
  • Combat Focus® Shooting Certified Active Status Instructor
  • Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification Instructor # I102973
  • NRA Certified Instructor #10884157 in the following NRA Discipline Areas
    • Rifle
    • Pistol
    • Shotgun
    • Personal Protection
      • Inside the Home
      • Outside the Home
    • Refuse to be a Victim
  • Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries Hunter Educator # 4790
  • CISSP #313746 (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) - my current work includes physical and digital security of DoD and commercial data facilities, including assessment, active penetration testing of both digital and physical security, and incident response / forensics
  • PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor # OWSI-87232
  • PADI Certified Under Water Photography Specialty Instructor
Relevant Training / Activities
  • ASIS member, currently working towards Board Certification in Security Management; the Certified Protection Professional (CPP) credential
  • Certificate course in Church Security / Security Leadership Planning / Intruder Awareness / Response & Conflict Management for Church Personnel
  • Current member of Church Security Alliance
  • Armed security guard, Georgia Credentials; worked with First Baptist Church of Atlanta as an armed guard
  • US Army, Infantry MOS, Expert Infantryman Badge, Air Assault and Jungle School graduate
  • 4th Degree Black Belt in Shotokan Karate, experience with Aikido and formal training in compliance control techniques
  • Virginia Shooting Sports Association life member
  • USPSA competition shooter and life member
  • NSCA competition shooter and life member
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant in Mathematics at Georgia Institute of Technology, included courses on educational theory and 'how to teach'
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant in Computer Science at Georgia State University, also included courses on education and teaching
  • Photography Instructor at "The Showcase School" for four years teaching Photo 101, 102, Digital Photography, Macro Photography, Nature Photography, Underwater Photography, and Astrophotography

I have always enjoyed establishing a relationship with my teachers. This page is my initial attempt to break the ice, to let you know not just my quals, but a little about who I am.

Despite this list of fun stuff, my greatest joy comes from my relationship with God, and my wife and son. I would give it all up for them.

Enjoy the site and its content, I'm looking forward to seeing you in class!

--William E. Sadler, Chief Instructor, Principal Consultant